Acoustic louvre GAF series

GAF series acoustic louvres  meet the requirements for noise attenuation – for ventilation systems and industrial applications. When used in ventilation systems, GAF series can replace usual industrial louvres, both in intake and exhaust. Therefore, two goals are achieved through a single product: on one hand, it protects the external air intake like any other industrial louvre; on the other hand, it reduces outwards noise levels produced by the ventilation plant - like an ordinary silencer. A double-type version is available, in case higher noise attenuation is required.

In industrial applications, these acoustic louvres can be used both in standard-type version and double-type version. 

The GAF series can be used for the realization of enclosures and cabins, or inside technical compartments and, in wider terms, in all solutions for which both air flow and an adequate noise attenuation are needed.

On-demand designs are available



Structure and dimensions


The frame is made of galvanized-steel plates, with a depth of 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm. Fins with a 150 mm pitch, made of galvanized-steel plates and shaped to contain soundproof material. Inside, this frame is upholstered with expanded mesh. Both a 40 mm. galvanized-steel perimeter flange and a bird net are available .

Either inox-steel or aluminum frames are available on-demand, as are varnished frames.


Soundproof  material

High density rock-wool, reactio n-to-fire (DM 26/06/1984) class "0" (not combustible).



Screw assembling, both on a 40 mm flange or directly on the duct.


Double construction

Screw assembling, both on a 40 mm flange or directly on the duct.

A  bird net can be interposed (on-demand).


Use conditions

Maximum operating temperature: 250 °C

Maximum operating pressure: 2.000 Pa


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More photos and application examples

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