"Insulate yourself from noise to defend your Health"

    Noise can cause disorders ranging from simple discomfort to stress psychomotor, even up to permanent damage to hearing. The noise control then becomes a crucial aspect for environmental quality.

    We can provide assessments of the acoustic enviromental, design, implementation and verification the actions required for reduce noise to acceptable levels in accordance with the needs of the case.

    Our staff, composed of specialized persons, is able to provide a competent and complete technical expertise for the orientation and the choice of technical solutions most appropriate.



  • Evaluation and measurement of noise sources on site
  • Preliminary calculation according to ISO standard
  • Evaluations of noise impact
  • Estimates of workable solutions
  • Processing to actions noise abatement
  • Executive project of the solution
  • Norms :
  1. DPR 277/91 15th August 1991
  2. DM 16/03/1998
  3. ISO 9613-2 : "Acoustics - Attenuation of sound propagation outdoors, Part 2; General method of calculation"
  4. Act 447/95
  5. DPCM 14/11/1997
  6. 98/37/CEE





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