Acoustic baffles



COAS series soundproof baffles can be used in wall installations, or also where air flow must be granted,such as in technical rooms or   environment containing machines that require a good air change.

The COAS series baffles are available in a variety of  thickness, construction and sizes.

The COAS series is certified according to UNI EN ISO 140-3: 2006 and UNI EN ISO 717-1: 2007 that determines the sound reduction index Rw.


Structure and dimensions


Available in two types: standard and with aerodynamic profile, to reduce pressure drop. The structural frame is made of galvanized steel. Solutions in aluminium or stainless steel on request.

Soundproof material

High density panels made of rock wool certified, Class "0" (not combustible) of fire reaction (DM. 26/06/1984).


The standard is made of coupled glass fiber abrasion-resistant and expanded mesh (up to a maximum inner speed of 12 m/s). Special coatings with polyethylene sheet for hygienic and / or configuration for abatement and resonance on request.

Use conditions

Maximum operating temperature: 150° C

Maximum operating pressure: 2000 Pa

Acoustic bafflesAcoustic bafflesAcoustic bafflesAcoustic baffles


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