Cabins are closed areas specifically designed to protect people from environmental noise. They can be used in the following ways:

  • cabins for staff dedicated to the  process control in industrial environment such as steel mills, wire drawing and, more generally, processing lines and treatment of metal products
  • cabins for control rooms and for the manufacturing industry
  • cabins for the permanence of the management staff of automatic warehouses and not
  • smoking booths and break rooms in the production department
  • reception boxes and/or for supervisory staff

The possibility to build the cabin directly inside the production plant and to perform tests through some certified tools and highly qualified personnel, grants the the current standards before delivery.

The Cestaro Bernardo Srl is able to provide all the technical documentation supplied with the cabin and its auxiliary facilities, such as drawings, instructions and maintenance manual, CE declaration of conformity and whatever is necessary in accordance with the directives and European and international law standard.


Technical specifications

The cabins can be equipped with highly soundproof doors and porthole, and also with external protection devices power assisted (porthole and windows protections can be internally controlled), available in case of difficult environmental activity conditions.

The realization of a cabin in a particularly noisy environment generally is consequent to a phonometric analysis and to a performance evaluation, that the cabin should grant, in order to provide the best acoustic comfort to the people concerned. This step is useful to accurately plan the features of the panels, of the closings, of the windows and the constructive requirements that satisfy the attenuation demanded.

The Cestaro Bernard Srl is able to perform the acoustic certification of the cabin according to the actual normative standards.

The laying in work of the boxes is executed by proper fitters and technicians; the surveys and the phonometric tests are carried out in loco  from the Cestaro qualified technicians.



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