Enclosures are structures designed to accommodate or cover a sound source (machine) in order to protect the surrounding environment from the noise. There are different types:

  • Autonomous enclosures intended to cover or host machines internally with a fraction of open area not acoustically treated less than 10% of the total surface area
  • Partial enclosures intended to cover or host machines internally with a fraction of open area not acoustically treated more than 10% of the total surface area
  • Integrated enclosures that are a substantial part of the machine and are steadily fastened to it.

Our long and varied experience in the realization of enclosures on different machines and equipments grants an elevated qualitative standard in planning, construction and installation for many different uses.

Realization of the enclosure directly in the factory allows the company to effect the test through its own testing equipment and its highly qualified personnel. This grants the customer the attenuation expected according to the current standards before delivery.

Cestaro Bernardo Srl is able to provide all the technical documentation supplied with the cabin and its auxiliary facilities, such as drawings, instructions and maintenance manual, CE declaration of conformity and whatever is necessary in accordance with the directives and European and international law standard.


Structure and dimensions

The construction can be always assembled in series in order to facilitate the production, the installation and the eventual assembly in loco. The supporting structure can be made of different materials and with different features suitable to accommodate the machine to be muted without reducing the performance and the functionality.

The sizes depend on the machinery type and the auxiliary equipment required for its operation and maintenance. The development of the design phase in 3D allows the assessment of the overall area, the access mode to service ducts, the connections and lines of the material flow to be processed.

The enclosures can be equipped with external control panels, internal probes, sliding openings to automatic control and safety devices.


Technical specifications

The cabins can be equipped with doors, portholes high sound insulation, sliding doors and access the material being processed acoustically treated.

The realization of an enclosure is generally the result of a Phonometric analysis made on the emission of the machine to be treated.

In case the output data are not known, the Cestaro Bernardo Srl is able to perform the characterization of the sound power level according to the current European directives and standards in force using highly qualified tools and personnel. Furthermore it is capable to perform measurements and surveys at the operator specific position, protecting their exposure,in accordance with the limits required by law.

The Cestaro Bernardo Srl is able to carry out the certification of acoustic enclosures according to the current standards.

The laying in work of the enclosure is executed by proper fitters and technicians; the surveys and the phonometric tests are carried out in loco from the Cestaro qualified technicians.



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