Light acoustic louvre


Light acoustic louvreDescription

GAFI series light acoustic louvre is less thick and satisfies the needs of noise attenuation both in the ventilation systems and in industrial applications. In ventilation systems it can replace the common industrial louvre, both intake and exhaust.

Therefore by a single product 2 purposes are achieved: on one it protects the external air intake like any industrial louvre, on the other hand it reduces the noise produced by ventilation plant on the outside environment like any silencer.

The reduced thickness makes the GAFI series light acoustic louvre suitable in all those applications where the axial contents must be particularly small.

They can be used in the realization of enclosures, cabins or in technical compartments and, more generally, in all those applications that claim both the air transit and an adequate noise attenuation.

Besides the standard range, special designs are available on customer demand.


Structure and dimensions


The frame is made of galvanized sheet steel, standard depth 150 mm. The fins, with pitch 150 mm, are made of galvanized sheet steel and shaped for the containment of sound-absorbing material. The inner side is covered with expanded mesh. The 40 mm. outer frame is made of galvanized steel, the bird net can be supplied on request.

The construction is made of in stainless steel or of aluminum, on request. The product is also available painted.

Soundproof material

High density Rock wool, class "0" (not combustible) of reaction to fire (DM 26/06/1984).


Screw mounting 40 mm on the flange or directly to the duct.

Use condition

Maximum operating temperature: 150 °C

Maximum operating pressure: 900 Pa


Light acoustic louvre


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