Expanded panels


Expanded panels


This panel is made of flexible polyurethane foam deriving from polyester (25 AU F1 UL 94) and polyether (30 AU F1 UL 94). It’s usable for soundproof coatings for rooms and machinery equipment and suitable to uses exposed to view. It can be supplied in rolls or sheets and either with soundproof flat surface,or ashlar or pyramidal and with the opposite adhesive surface standard.



Structure and dimensions


Anthracite gray.


It may be available in flat construction, eventually covered with water-oil-resistant film to improve the resistance of the material, either ashlar or pyramidal (on request) in order to increase its sound attenuation coefficient. For special uses, that require also sound-insulating features, the panel can be provided with a lead-film coupling.

Fire resistance

Class 2 fire resistance, self-extinguishing, non-dripping.


 By gluing or mechanical fastening

 Use condition

Operating temperature:

from -30 ° C to +65 ° C adhesive (standard)

from -30 ° C to +120 ° C no adhesive (on request)


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