Panels for acoustic barriers


Panels for acoustic barriers



The PANA series soundproof panels are made of aluminium (or of stainless steel or galvanized steel, painted or not painted) and 100 mm thick. They have a soundproof punched side and the continuous opposite side. The  lower and upper closure outlines are designed for a dap joint installation through anti-vibration supports.

The panels are designed to obtain high performance in sound attenuation and sound insulation and to make the installation easy and quick. The rugged and accurate structure ensures durability, mechanical and chemical resistance to the atmospherical agents.


Structure and dimensions


It is made of natural aluminum 1.5 mm thick on the continuous side and of micro-punched aluminum mesh 1.0 mm thick on the other side. 


Soundproof material

Certified rock wool in high density panels and Class "0" (no fuel) of reaction to fire (DM. 06/26/1984) coupled with black glass veil resistant to abrasion.



They have to be placed horizontally through side fastening frames and with overlapping panels.



Standard length of 3.000 mm and height 500 mm.

Other sizes available on customer demand.


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