Sandwich panels


Sandwich panels


PSANR series sandwich panels are made of pre-painted galvanized steel sheets filled  with high density mineral fiber. This series of panels, besides having good thermal insulation and being fireproof, is designed to enhance the sound insulation and sound absorbtion.

The PSANR series panels are suitable for wall application


Structure and dimensions


It's composed of 2 galvanized steel sheets, previously white-gray painted, with one side 0.6 mm thick, and the side exposed to the noise source punched. The unit is covered with PVC anti-scratch film.


Soundproof material

Mineral fiber with density 100 kg/m3 and thermal conductivity λm 0.040 W/mK at 10° C, category "0" (no fuel) as reaction to fire (DM 26/06/1984).



The PSANR  series panels have standard width 1000 mm and standard thickness 50, 80, 100, 120 and 150 mm.

Sandwich panelsSandwich panels


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