Rectangular silencers with baffles 200


Rectangular silencers with baffles 200Description

SIREZ20 series silencers are absorption silencers with 200 mm baffles. They represent the best solution in terms of good value for money. The silencers are used in civil and industrial air-conditioning systems with aim to reduce the noise propagated through the ventilation ducts. Noise attenuation passing through the distribution network, implies the reduction of the sound pressure level that reaches the terminal units and that is therefore spread into the environments treated. The sound levels caused by the ventilation system have to meet the requirements set by law, in accordance with their uses on the rooms.

The silencers can also be used to reduce noise emissions of the ejection ducts to the outside, wherever the environmental condition claims this by law.


Structure and dimensions


It’s made of galvanized sheet steel with stiffening ribs. For larger sizes the structure is strenghetened

Sheet thickness:

- 0.6 mm with the longest side up to 450 mm

- 0.8 mm with the longest side up to 750 mm

- 1.0 mm with the longest side over 750 mm

Construction in stainless steel or other materials on request.

Flange connection

Standard supply with flanges on both sides. 

Flanges dimensions:

- 20mm with major side up to 1000mm

- 30mm with side greater than 1001 up to 2000mm

- 40mm with longer side over 2001 mm

On request: constructions with different flanges, without flanges, with flange on one side only or in stainless steel.


Available in two types: standard and with aerodynamic profile, to reduce the pressure drop. Structural frame made of galvanized steel with thickness 0.8 mm. On request, more types are available.

Soundproof material

High density panels made of rock wool certified and Class "0" (non-combustible) reaction to fire (DM. 26/06/1984).

Baffles coating

Standard made of glass fiber coupled abrasion-resistant and expanded mesh (up to a maximum crossing speed 12 m/s).

Special coatings on request.


The silencers in the standard version can be installed in any position up to a height of 1,000 mm with a maximum depth of 1,000 mm.

Use conditions

Maximum operating temperature: 250° C

Maximum operating pressure: 2000 Pa


Rectangular silencers with baffles 200Rectangular silencers with baffles 200


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