Aeraulic system


"Health and comfort also come from the air quality"

As most of us spend much time indoors and inside buildings, particular importance is the quality of the treated air in HVAC systems.

In these terms we must consider the air quality with regard to temperature, humidity and the presence of particles or pollutants.

The Cestaro Bernardo Srl is able to provide design, implementation and maintenance of ventilation systems and air extraction, ensuring consistently high quality standards.


Projects :

  • Evaluation of the specific needs
  • Design executive plants
  • Noise testing, and functional
  • Design of the ventilation systems, extraction systems and aspiration systems
  • Control plant efficiency
  • Norms :
  1. UNI EN 1886:2000
  2. UNI EN 13053:2004
  3. UNI EN 1505:2000
  4. UNI EN 12599:2001


Products :

  • Ventilation systems
  • Facilities in public places
  • Industrial plants ducting
  • Distribution, treatment and recovery of the air
  • Air distribution with central control climate, treatment and recovery
  • Ducts
  • Terminals spread and aspiration
  • Components for adjustment
  • Splitter attenuator
  • Components
  • Suction systems, filtration and removal of solid substances (swarf) or gaseous of any nature

Photo gallery: AERAULIC SYSTEM

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