Air terminal devices for multidirectional diffusers



Terminal units for air distribution UDM series consist of a multi-directional 4-ways square diffuser, with extractable cones, complete with damper opposed movement and plenum fully equipped.
They are installed on the ceiling and are mainly used in the delivery. They allow a uniform distribution of the air where it is needed.

The material used for the construction of the diffusers is aluminum anodized or powder-coated in epoxy resin electrostatically fixed and dried in the oven. This type of coating is resistant to possible impact or abrasion and keeps unaltered in time the aesthetic characteristics.

Installation, adjustment and maintenance are simple to perform with the ability to extract the central cones.

Cestaro Bernardo Srl is capable of offering at short buildings with 1, 2, 3 and 4 throws both square and rectangular geometry with different finishes.


Structure and dimensions


Diffuser material:           Aluminum

Finish:                          Anodized / white RAL9010.

These diffusers may have from 1 to 4 throw ways and rectangular form with different finish.

Insulated plenum

Material:           galvanized steel

Insulation:         external

Fixing:              with side screws

Connection:      on rear or side

For special constructions the plenum may be required not isolated, with or without equalizer and with or without regulation damper.


Standard from 150x150 to 450x450.

Heat insulating material

Polyethylene adhesive in Class "1" reaction to fire (DM 26/06/1984). Applying external standard. Internal application on request.

Use condition

Maximum operating temperature: 70 °C


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