Air terminal devices for panel diffusers



Air terminal units of UDP series are constituted by a helical diffuser on square panel complete of plenum fully equipped

UDP units are applicable on ceiling for supply or extract air.

High induction diffusers are available and compatible with different architectural solutions. The plenum or calm box, allows to eliminate or reduce the no-uniformity of the velocity profile of the air coming from the supply duct. In this way, the throw characteristics of the diffuser will comply with those laid without asymmetry or directionality caused by unwanted velocity gradients.

Cestaro Bernardo Srl is able to offer in a short time both standard and special constructions of dimensional and construction specifications required by the customer.


Structure and dimensions


Panel material:              Steel

Deflectors material:       ABS black

Finish:                          white RAL 9010.

These diffusers may have different design and geometry of the deflectors. They can also be supplied with different colors for minimum quantities.

Insulated plenum

Material:           galvanized steel

Insulation:         external

Fixing:              with side screws or with central screw

Connection:      on side

For special constructions the plenum may be required not isolated, with or without equalizer and with or without regulation damper.


Standard from 300x300 to 800x800.

Heat insulating material

Polyethylene adhesive in Class "1" reaction to fire (DM 26/06/1984). Applying external standard. Internal application on request.

Use condition

Maximum operating temperature: 70 °C



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