Plenum for panel diffusers


Plenum of  PDE series are designed specifically for the installation of panel diffusers. The function of the plenum or crate of calm is to eliminate or reduce the non-uniformity of the velocity profile of the air coming from the supply duct. In this way the characteristics of the launch of the diffuser will comply with those laid, without directionality or asymmetries caused by undesired velocity gradients.

Plenum for panel speakers is generally equipped with a double edge on the side diffuser for fixing by means of screws side. Alternatively, the plenum may be equipped with bridge assembling in the case in which the fastening of the diffuser takes place with a single central screw.

Cestaro Bernardo Srl is able to offer in a short working times both standard and special constructions on construction specifications and dimensions of the buyer even for applications on machines and equipments and / or indifferent materials such as aluminum or stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316.


Construction and sizes


Achievement standards in galvanized sheet steel. Constructionsin stainless steel or aluminum on request. The plenum can be equipped with equalizer constituted by microstretched metal sheetand/or damper circular in the connection and/or bridge assembly. The side diffuser is generally equipped with double-edge on the side diffuser for the installation side by means of screws.



Polyethylene adhesive in Class "1" reaction to fire (DM 26/06/1984). External standard applying. Internal applicationon request.



Maximum operating temperature: 70 °C


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