Comfort & Habitat

    The search for Cestaro Bernardo Srl, focused to increase the comfort in respect for the environment, has developed new solutions in various areas aimed at protecting the health and to the performance improvement of the systems, with one goal, reduce waste and protect the environment .

Projects :

  • Actions for energy recovery
  • Design and construction of cabins with controlled ventilation
  • Design and construction of cabins for smokers
  • Design and installation of heat recovery plants
  • Norms :
  1. UNI 10343:1994
  2. UNI EN ISO 11957:1998
  3. UNI EN ISO 15667:2002
  4. UNI EN ISO 11546-1:1997


Products :

  • smoking cabins

A solution for the health of nonsmokers keeping in mind the needs of smokers in the workplace. Projects that offer various possible applications as needed with all necessary technical equipment with very small size for easy placement.

  • cabins staff

They are suitable for creating islands of rest for operators designed to protect the interior enviroment from the noise or the realization of comfort-room with appropriate air handling systems. They are made with the technology of modular panels, which allow maximum flexibility of use and the achievement of very high noise abatements. Thanks to green materials and the combination of transparent parts, the proposed models are comfortable and able to ensure the welfare to the person who occupies them.

  • Ventilation systems

These ventilation systems maintain health conditions of living areas or in technical areas, where air conditions must be guaranteed. The proposals range from simple ventilation, at air exchange with heat recovery and filtration.


Some examples :

  • Air extractors household
  • Air extractors for industrial use
  • Ventilation units with heat recovery
  • Ventilation units for technical areas
  • Unit for smoke evacuation
  • Unit extraction cooker hoods
  • Anti allergy treatments

Photo Gallery: COMFORT & ABITAT

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