Thermal insulation

"Energy conservation begins from isolation"

    Since always the energy saving, and the apparent reduction in management costs that follows, is combined with the thermal insulation.

    In general, a careful thermal insulation allows:

  • By minimizing the dispersions.
  • Ensure the maintenance of prefixed temperatures.
  • Avoid the formation of condensation.
  • Improving the security situation.
  • Improving the comfort of living.
  • Reduce air pollution.

    The thermal insulation, besides being a real need, today is an indispensable condition to obtain a construction in line with current regulations.

    The Cestaro Bernardo Srl has forty years of specific experience in the field, and is therefore able to propose the correct solution for caulking and isolation of each specific need.


Projects :

  • Calculation of (overall) thermal transmittance and Thermal bridges
  • Sizing of Insulation
  • Verify in according to Act 10/91
  • Technical and economic evaluations on insulation measures
  • Norms : 
  1. Law of the State 09/01/1991 n. 10
  2. DPR 26/08/1993 n. 412
  3. UNI EN 7357:1974
  4. UNI EN ISO 6946:1999
  5. UNI 10347:1993
  6. UNI 10376:1996
  7. UNI EN ISO 8497:1999


Products :

  • insulating for buildings

The range of products for the construction sector is very wide : from plain panels with  premoulded casings to products specifically designed according to the request. Materials used may be natural, or extracted from plastic materials that from recovery cycles. The range available allows the creation of any type of construction.

  • Roofing
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Heating
  • Refrigeration
  • insulation for the industry

The range of products for the industrial sector, responds to specific needs. Is composed of materials suitable for applications in low or high temperature with different density and structural resistance suitable for static loads of various intensity. In addition there are several types of coating both metallic that plastic available in various shapes and sizes.

  1. Pipes
  2. Tanks
  3. Furnaces and boilers
  4. Air duct.


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