Rock wool felt lamellar



FERL series felts are made of lamellar rock wool with panel sections rotated 90° and glued onto carrier foil consisting of a sheet of pure aluminum reinforced with purpose of vapour barrier. The fibers, thus oriented, guarantee a considerable resistance to compression and also an excellent torsional ability.

Are obtained from certified fibers at low bio dispersion, in accordance with Directive 97/69/EC. It does not need labeling as hazardous or carcinogenic.

FERL series felts are easy to be applied and to be installed. Moreover, thanks to the open cell structure of the rock wool, they provide a very high performance thermal insulation, suitable for interventions to reduce energy consumption in buildings. They are also ideal for the thermal and acoustic insulation of pipes of large diameter and tanks. Furthermore, they are widely used in the insulation of the flues.


Structure and dimensions




Standard size rolls of 1 m height.

Available thicknesses: 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm

Other thicknesses and densities on request.


By gluing or mechanical fastening.


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