Candidate Privacy Policy


Pursuant to Article 13 of the Europeean Regulation 2016/679 Cestaro Bernardo Srl, as Data Controller, submit the following information to candidates:

The Data Controller is Cestaro Bernardo Srl based in Via Villanova 3, 35010 Villa del Conte (PD)

  1. Collection Method

Personal data are collected from Cestaro Bernardo Srl and are provided directly by the interested parties and are treated in compliance with the confidentiality obligations indicated by the European Regulation 2016/679. Before the treatment, the interested parties must express specific consent to the treatment to the Owner.

  1. Nature of personal data

Treatments from Cestaro Bernardo Srl will only concern data of common nature and will be limited to those strictly necessary and functional to the pursuit of the purposes referred to point 3 of this document. Except to those belonging to protected categories, the interested party must not send data of sensitive nature to the Data Controller. “Sensitive data”, pursuant to aticle 9 GDPR, are referred to personal data suitable for revealing racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or any other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, trade unions, associations and / or organizations of a religious, philosophical nature, political or trade union, including data relating to the person’s health or sexual life or sexual orientation.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the data collection and its treatment is the following:

  • Allow the Owner to manage in any phase, the selection of the staff following the research of some professional profile, up to the possible signing of the contract.
  • Allow the Owner to create and manage his own archive, composed from the data obtained from the applications in order to manage future staff research.
  1. Conferment data nature and decline consequence

Personal data conferment of common nature from the interessed party, referred to point 3 of this document, is compulsary. Ant decline, full or partial, to provide such data, or an innacurate or unthruthful provvision will make it impossible for the Data Controller to proceed with the selection step or to contact the interessed party if his profile is in line with the search of the staff. If the interessed party provide data by a spontaneus application, this will be considered as an express consent of the treatment referred to point 3 of this document.

  1. Treatment modalities

Personal datas can be referred to all the operation defined at the article 4 of GDPR. In any case, limits, fairness principles, lawfulness, purpose, quality, relevance, non-excess and trasparency will be respected as defined from the GDPR. Common data treatment will be carried out both manually and with the aid of electronic means. Data will be stored in paper and electroncic archive, in order to allow their identification and selection aggregate form.

In the event that the interested party has provided data of a sensitive nature and the Data Controller has decided not to destroy them as they are necessary for the purposes referred to in point 3 of this document, the Data Controller will carry out treatments only after having received the consent form that he will send to the candidate. The processing will be carried out directly by the owner’s organization. In any case, the data will be processed with logic strictly related to the purposes indicated and with methods that guarantee their security and confidentiality, through the adoption of adequate measures to prevent their alteration, cancellation, destruction, non authorized access or processing that is not permitted or does not comply with the purposes of the collection in accordance with the GDPR.

Within the organizational structure of the Data Controller, only the staff duly indicated and trained to carry out this activity may have access to personal data, within the limits and in the manner determined by the Data Controller.

  1. Circulation and communication of the data

Datas will be not widespread in any way. Common personal data of the interessed party can be discloded to freelancer for advice on the correct application method of the labour law regulation concerning the management and research of staff.

  1. Right of the data subject

As data subject and in relation to the treatment described in this policy, you can exercise the right referred to Aricle 7, from 15 to 21 and 77 of GDPR (right of access, rectification, cancellation, treatment limitation, data portability, opposition, withdrawal, complaint). 

You can exercise in any moment your rights by sending a registered letter with retourn receipt at the following address:

Cestaro Bernardo srl Via Villanova 3, 35010, Villa del Conte (PD), or by the appropriate form that you can request to the address:

Place and duration of the treatment

Data treatment will take place only at the headquarters of the Data Controller for a 12 month period. At the end of the treatment your data will be deleted.